Saturday, May 1, 2010

How often should you replace your golf glove?

I have a question for all golf lovers. How often should you replace your golf glove?  I was taught that you should replace it every 6 practices and every 6 rounds of golf. What do you think?

Below you'll find some responses:

"Whenever you feel like changing it. Everyone is different, has a different swing and put different strain on the glove. You can't put numbers on it.... Plus it depends on the glove quality. I had gloves than I had to replace within on and a half months, but I've also had glove that lasted for over six months " (Steven Pauwels).

 "When it has holes in it. Same rule as my jeans"(A.J.Ali)

 "They probably told you that in the pro shop. I replace mine when it gets a hole in it." (Paul Schene)

 "I replace mine when the wear in the palm starts to show. Usually means you are gripping the club wrong" (Victor Vasquez) 

What do you think?

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