Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Back Swing Tip From A Casual Golfer

I am sure that majority of my golf readers have a high handicap score or struggle with the golf swing motion.   I am writing about the back swing action who most of us overlook the importance. The back swing rules are simple as follows:
  1. Always keep the face of the golf club square to the swing path. The correct swing path is a slight arc to the inside of your body stand.
  2. Must be sure that the shaft is parallel to you feet base, at 3 o'clock position, as you visualize the clock face with the two arms. You must have the club shaft in parallel position to the feet line.
  3. The 3 o'clock horizontal club position is highly recommended for your back swing, so you are not far inside nor outside your feet base.
  4. Take your back swing practice and stop at 3 o'clock position until you're comfortable with your back swing dynamics. After multiple training sessions you get the feel for it...
Good luck and happy golfing...

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