Thursday, December 30, 2010

Graeme McDowell, 2010 -- Just A Dream?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

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Golf Swing Aid Best Deal & Super Deal! Hurry, Offer Ends on December 25!
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pain Free, The Golf Wrist Swing Aid Solution to Casual Golfers!

Casual golfer's swing mobility has its physical limitations due to the lack of every day practice like the professional athletes do.
What you learn by taking the traditional golf swing lessons taught by the Certified Professional Players is the reason behind your inconsistent game, body injuries and lousy scores.
Unless you are young, in great physical shape and spend hours in the gym each week, you will develop body strain injuries (i.e. wrist joints, shoulders, arms, lower back, spine, etc).
The traditional golf swing taught in golf lessons is based around a larger shoulder and hip spin, and an aggressive turning of the hips that puts substantial stress on joints and lower back causing injuries to all non professional golfers. Ouch! Watch out!
I found the solution in a product sold by a company, the Golf Swing Aid LLC that specializes in golf swing aids and addresses the swing troubles due to player's body physical limitations.
The Sporting Goods Retail Company promotes and sells its unique swing trainer aid, called the "Golf Wrist Swing Aid".
The new wrist swing aid was invented and developed for high handicap players, beginners, casual golfers and all those with physical limitations who love the game but aren't good at it!
The unique wrist aid reduces slices, hooks and prevents your wrist swing strain. With the wrist swing aid you develop the easy swing and learn how to use your body natural reaction to your physical limitations. It also prevents back, shoulder and spine injuries by calibrating your golf swing action.
The wrist swing aid comes with an on-line printable manual and video that will help you improve your handicap score within a matter of weeks. Take the device to the practice range, try it for 30 days and see the immediate positive results.
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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tee Time and Green Fee Discount Golf Secret Revealed at

Tee Time and Green Fee Discount Golf Secret Revealed at

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Wrist Swing Aid Helps Everyone Improve Golfing

If you desire to improve your golf game this product is for you. With the wrist swing aid you develop the perfect shot and learn how to use your own body response to your physical movement. You do not need to slow down, stop and think and delay your game.

To use the wrist swing aid does not require any previous golf experience, but if you know the basics, it would help. Its design allows both right and left hand players to use the same device. It is like having your own golf instructor by your side anytime in need. Note: As a customer, I have been using the wrist swing vector since its prototype conception and it has completely changed my golf game. Learn more about this device @

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Back Swing Tip From A Casual Golfer

I am sure that majority of my golf readers have a high handicap score or struggle with the golf swing motion.   I am writing about the back swing action who most of us overlook the importance. The back swing rules are simple as follows:
  1. Always keep the face of the golf club square to the swing path. The correct swing path is a slight arc to the inside of your body stand.
  2. Must be sure that the shaft is parallel to you feet base, at 3 o'clock position, as you visualize the clock face with the two arms. You must have the club shaft in parallel position to the feet line.
  3. The 3 o'clock horizontal club position is highly recommended for your back swing, so you are not far inside nor outside your feet base.
  4. Take your back swing practice and stop at 3 o'clock position until you're comfortable with your back swing dynamics. After multiple training sessions you get the feel for it...
Good luck and happy golfing...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Have Golf Proper Equipment Before Taking Lessons

Blaming your golf moves, shots and golf swings in place of your golf mishits and mishaps?

Have you ever consider the following golfing tips that have to do with your equipment's quality?
If you intend to pick used golf clubs in the role of beginner's tools, scrutinizing ahead of purchasing is a necessity. Go to a nearby pro-shop store and ask for help.

Another golfing advice is that using bad fitted clubs will remain an hindrance to your golf swings achievement. A golfer should consider his or her body type into choosing the best-fitting equipment to support and carry out the back swings efficiently. Too steep angles within moving out back swings could be avoided if individual selects the exact fitting equipment on hand.

Custom golf club fitting makes a better option than buying new fancy golf clubs. Is recommended a custom fitting golf clubs to each individual physical characteristics, specifically suit the height, weight, strength, golf swings and club head speed of the golfer.

The type of club selection helps into predicting a successful outcome, whether you'll play fine in a game of golf or else you won't.

There's a pick concerning a steel club shaft and a graphite-made club shaft. Observations judge that the steel club shafts are further preferred by specialized golfers while graphite shafts grow to be further widely held with women, senior players and beginners.

So, when you bear the appropriate equipment? It's point in time to prevail on qualified golfing tips from a golf pro or golfing schools. Golfing instruction from a expert is an excellent way to learn and apply the lesson tips.  

After all you should become on your way to making great golf swings merely like the professionals execute. Good luck playing.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

How often should you replace your golf glove?

I have a question for all golf lovers. How often should you replace your golf glove?  I was taught that you should replace it every 6 practices and every 6 rounds of golf. What do you think?

Below you'll find some responses:

"Whenever you feel like changing it. Everyone is different, has a different swing and put different strain on the glove. You can't put numbers on it.... Plus it depends on the glove quality. I had gloves than I had to replace within on and a half months, but I've also had glove that lasted for over six months " (Steven Pauwels).

 "When it has holes in it. Same rule as my jeans"(A.J.Ali)

 "They probably told you that in the pro shop. I replace mine when it gets a hole in it." (Paul Schene)

 "I replace mine when the wear in the palm starts to show. Usually means you are gripping the club wrong" (Victor Vasquez) 

What do you think?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Golf Swing Note

My first encounter with my golf game occurred back in the summer of 1997. At that time, I held a job at one of the local automotive plants. Every year we had the summer plant shut down. On some occasions, we went out to play some golf.

I clearly remembered the day I played golf for the first time! It was horrible...The golf course was very challenging, it had a lot of sand traps, small ponds, narrow fairways and lots of trees. The greens were hard to putt as well. I felt so embarrassed when my partner stopped writing down my score. I must have had the highest score in the golf game history. I thought, I broke the Guinness world records, as being the worse player ever!

What a frustrated man I was! I discovered my bad habits were hard to break. In spite of all my frustrations I stacked to the game.

I loved being out on the golf course, having a good time with co-workers, friends and strangers...

The amateurs say, the more you play, the better you get! That concept didn't worked well for me. I practiced and played, but my handicap score wasn't improving. I joined a golf league and played for a few good years. Again, I was very inconsistent, I hooked and sliced the ball, and I had a tough time on the tee. My putting and chipping habits weren't great either.

Some days, I showed some signs of self improvement. But, at the end of the day I had lousy scores. I took  some golf lessons to help my game. All I wanted was to improve my handicap score! Those lessons briefly  helped reducing my handicap score, but I still had more work to do...

Recently, I discovered the golf wrist swing aid that helped reducing my handicap score, improved my hooks and slices, built my confidence and consistency playing golf... To learn more click here...