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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Golf Swing Note

My first encounter with my golf game occurred back in the summer of 1997. At that time, I held a job at one of the local automotive plants. Every year we had the summer plant shut down. On some occasions, we went out to play some golf.

I clearly remembered the day I played golf for the first time! It was horrible...The golf course was very challenging, it had a lot of sand traps, small ponds, narrow fairways and lots of trees. The greens were hard to putt as well. I felt so embarrassed when my partner stopped writing down my score. I must have had the highest score in the golf game history. I thought, I broke the Guinness world records, as being the worse player ever!

What a frustrated man I was! I discovered my bad habits were hard to break. In spite of all my frustrations I stacked to the game.

I loved being out on the golf course, having a good time with co-workers, friends and strangers...

The amateurs say, the more you play, the better you get! That concept didn't worked well for me. I practiced and played, but my handicap score wasn't improving. I joined a golf league and played for a few good years. Again, I was very inconsistent, I hooked and sliced the ball, and I had a tough time on the tee. My putting and chipping habits weren't great either.

Some days, I showed some signs of self improvement. But, at the end of the day I had lousy scores. I took  some golf lessons to help my game. All I wanted was to improve my handicap score! Those lessons briefly  helped reducing my handicap score, but I still had more work to do...

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